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The introduction of minicab service has brought with it so much to be excited about. For the entire period London taxis have been in operation, nothing comes close to the slightest change minicabs have had on people and transport in general. We can all agree to the fact that often, taxi drivers can be annoyingly mouthy while others even seem not to understand where they are heading to. You might as well encounter few who’ll plainly refuse to carry you to your destination.

Minicabs, on the other hand, offer similar services as London taxis only that theirs’ is cheap, dependable, and more convenient. To help you see this clearly, here are compelling reasons why minicabs are beneficial than any other taxi service.


The first thing that will hit you about minicabs is their cheap and affordable rates. Their flat fixed rates will enable you to accurately budget your spending. Better still, you have the option to hire one for a full day or half day at a fixed flat rate which implies you could hire a minicab for an entire morning, evening or afternoon without being subjected to exorbitant rates. This is quite the opposite of what you experience with usual cabs. Ordinarily, they are so expensive over short distances and it gets even worse for longer distances.

Ease of Use

You can easily book a minicab over your phone or online. From there, they’ll arrive quickly to pick you up from any place of your convenience. Do you want to keep your appointments? Well, just hire minicabs. What usual cabs normally do in this case is pick up the customer on the way which is something you can now avoid.

Safety and Reliability

A good number of minicabs are fitted with a satellite navigation and tracking system that allows close monitoring of the driver at all times. Furthermore, most of the drivers are registered with Public Carriage Office (PCO). That gives you the confidence that whoever is ferrying you to your destination is trustworthy and professional. Overall, safety is a significant part of minicab service.

Advanced Technology

To make their customers more satisfied, mini cabs make use of advanced technology in handling nearly all their car hire operations. For instance, besides you receiving all the cab driver’s details, including their contacts and vehicle registration number, upon their arrival, you’ll be informed via a call. Using smartphone applications, you can as well book a minicab not only for yourself but friends as well.

Quality Services

The level of service you get from this particular car hire service is second to none. Their drivers are well trained, courteous and very much informed of the city’s routes. For them, it about getting you to your destination in the shortest time possible and all along, ensure you are comfortable.

Also not forgetting to highlight the cleanliness. Minicabs maintain high standards of cleanliness just to make sure the customer is comfortable all the time.

In summary, when you need to make a short journey or trips across London town, it’s true that minicabs will offer you more than you could wish for. Whether it’s a trip to the airport or train station or any other transport point, they’ve got you well covered. For their dependability, affordable pricing, punctuality, route awareness, and convenience, Mobbo Taxi take the crown as the best minicab Paddington service.

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